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What is VCC Accounts

Financial accounts that have passed verification procedure to verify the identity and authenticity of the account holder are known as vcc accounts. These accounts are frequently connected to online payment systems or virtual or digital venues like exchanges for cryptocurrencies.

By verifying the identity of the account holder, the platform or service provider aims to establish a more secure and trustworthy environment for financial transactions. Verified Vcc accounts often come with additional benefits, such as higher transaction limits, enhanced security features, and access to a wider range of services or features offered by the platform.

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How virtual credit cards (VCC) work

We provide verified virtual (vcc accounts as a payment choice to make the reservation process easier for visitors. Visitors may use their selected payment option to complete their online payment. We then transfer that money to a VCC that you can use to make purchases, just like a conventional credit card. All partners in nations using Payments by have access to VCCs.

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